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Our Firm Provides a Variety of Services related to your Personal Injury or Criminal Justice Case.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Did you suffer from an automobile accident? Our firm recognizes that the effects can be life-altering and is dedicated to fighting for the settlement you deserve. Such accidents can be as minor as a simple rear-end, hit and runs, all the way up to life-threatening accidents. Regardless of your experience, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney to fight for what you deserve. At The Dickerson Firm, we will not settle for anything less!

Slip and Fall

We take premise liability claims very seriously, as they are a direct result of another property’s failure to oversee your safety. No matter the physical or emotional damage that you have suffered at an establishment, Marcus Dickerson is committed to only seeking necessary treatment for you, but also ensuring that the responsible entity will both cover such costs and provide you with the settlement that you deserve.


Trucks can cause serious damage to not only your vehicle, but to you and your health. Such accidents can even become life-threatening. We understand that it can be difficult and frustrating facing a large company rather than an individual, so we are here to do that work for you. Marcus Dickerson has handled a variety of Tractor-Trailer Collision cases, overseeing that the companies are held responsible and that his clients get the treatment and compensation that they deserve.

Wrongful Deaths

The cost of another entity’s negligence should not be the life of a loved one. We will not grow tired until they assume full responsibility for their misconduct. Then, we will hold the entity accountable for any medical bills, funeral expenses, etc. The loss of a loved one never becomes easy, but the least we can do is oversee that the responsible party is charged guilty and sees to the consequences of their dereliction of duty.


Being falsely convicted with murder can cost your whole life, so we don’t take homicide cases lightly, and thus are dedicated to proving your innocence. The prosecutor responsible for your case must be able to prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt in order to reach a conviction. While they are working to gather evidence to convict you, our criminal defense attorney can build a strong defense. We use our experience in the legal field to find and expose any weak points in the case against you and pursue the best possible outcome.
Whether you have been accused of possession, use, or sale of a drug, such accusations commonly turn into felonies, requiring criminal defense. If you are facing a drug charge your future, job possibilities, and your education can all be in doubt. Georgia is rather harsh on citizens accused of drug crimes.Marcus Dickerson can help you plan your defense and explore your options to reduce consequences.

Weapons Offences

Weapon offences typically involve possession and/or use. Regardless of what you have been accused of, we are experienced in protecting both you and your reputation. Even owning a weapon, particularly a gun, for hunting, sport or self defense opens you and your family up to significant legal liability. Marcus Dickerson specializes in gathering information and building a strong defense case to prove your innocence and ensure your protection.

Bail Hearings

A bail is your promise to the court that you will return for hearing and trial dates in exchange for release. Sometimes, you may be released on your own recognizance, and no money will be provided to the court, or you will offer a set amount of money or property in exchange for your freedom. During a hearing, the judge will determine your likelihood of appearing in court for various hearings or trials, which is why you should hire an attorney to help you offer the best defense so that you can meet the judge’s requirements.
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